HRDC XII aims to:

  1. To strengthen the system of collaboration in Region XII to develop and enhance capacity of institutions within the region engaged and which have interest in health research;
  2. To identify, develop, and implement priority health research program/projects targeting identified priority health problems, and;
  3. To optimize the use of research to help alleviate the health problems of people in Region XII.


  1. To develop and strengthen human resources, facilities, and other infrastructures for health researches;
  2. To formulate and disseminate health research agenda;
  3. To serve as the technical and ethical clearing house for any or all health related researches conducted in Region XII;
  4. To establish a system for effective sharing and utilization of physical, financial and human resources among member institutions and promote effective dissemination and proper utilization of health research findings;
  5. To promote effective coordination among member institutions in the conduct of researches in health and allied sciences, and;

To act as information center that hosts electronic collection or database of health research resources of member institutions within Region XII.

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