We are pleased to inform you that the DOST-Philippine Council for Health Research will be holding the 12th Philippine National Health Research System (PNHRS) Week Celebration with the theme “From the Ground Up: Strengthening Health Research and Innovation” on August 7-9, 2018 at CAP-JH Trade and Cultural Center, Baguio City.


In line with this event, the Health Research and Development Consortium - XII is now accepting entries for the Inter-Regional Oral Research Paper Presentation and Poster Exhibit Contest for the professional and student categories for possible endorsement to DOST-PCHRD.


Deadline of submission is on 4 June 2018.


Thank you.


DOWNLOAD the CONTEST GUIDELINES from this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VETvfn_HQV5yltx1jG2Uv3fvtLPag-ZI?usp=sharing

Here are the specific areas:

1. Agriculture, Aquatic, and Natural Resources
  • Sustainable Tourism - collaboration with hotel(s) on the conservation of biodiversity/environment (that can form part of ecotourism tour package)
  • Agri-Economic Development - creation of advance technology for the agri-economic development, e.g. agri-wastes to energy, sustainable energy sources, advancement and creation of new varieties of rice, vegetable and root crops that promotes economic growth
  • Sustainable Organic Agriculture - development of farming methods that can produce high yield and address problem on limited supply of organic produce
  • Improved Fishery Culture for Economically Important Species
  • Improved Bioengineering Technologies - examples of these technologies are coco noir ntes against erosion, or production of plants that can absorb heavy metals in mining sites
2. Health
  • Stem Cell Therapy - development and exploration into possible medical advantage in surgical operations
  • Pediatrics and Critical Care Medicine - development of advance technology in identifying hereditary illness and other disease
  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation - development of techniques and strategies in rehabilitation and cure of physical deficiencies and impairment especially among wounded military/uniformed men and athletes
  • Risk and Benefit Analysis of Medicines
  • Psychopharmacology in Pregnancy and Breastfeeding
3. Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology
  • Improved Mass Transportation System - interconnection of all public transportation terminals (airport, seaport, train stations, bus, and jeepney terminals)
  • Establishment of science centers/museums in the Visayas and Mindanao to promote S&T culture in the regions
  • Space science
4. Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change
  • Improved Weather Forecast System
  • Studies on food production and fortification (for disaster)
5. Basic Research (NIBRA)
  • Taxonomy of Philippine flora and fauna
  • Assessment of existing Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and marine areas for possible identification as additional MPA
  • Genetic analysis of endemics
  • Demography studies on vulnerable, rare, and threatened endemic flora and fauna
  • Climate Change Ethics - discovery and development of technology that helps in environmental protection which leads to the establishment of policy agenda directed to the creation of Climate Change Ethics in the Philippines which can be rooted from UNESCO


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